The organisation

The club has three professional staff

  • The Secretary/Club Manager is available 9 to 5 week days
  • The Functions Manager; you need an event; we can help you
  • The Chef; fantastic food in a great environment.

            Steve Patton, Functions Manager           

The sailing and overall control is run by the Flag officers. A Commodore supported by a Vice Commodore and two Rear Commodores. They meet regularly and monthly (third Tuesday) with the General Committee. The General Committee is made up of the divisional Chairpersons and three extra members elected from the AGM.

Each Division has a monthly meeting that reports to the General Committee. All of the meetings are open to all members. It is a voluntary organisation so everyone’s input is important.

2016/17 Flag Officers & Committee

Commodore                                      Nick Wrinch                 
Vice Commodore                              Andy Knowles
Rear Commodore                              
Immediate Past Commodore            Nigel Rippey
Club Captain                                      Ross Currie
Assistant Club Captain                      Bob Smyth   
General Committee (x3)                    Peter Warren, Ian Watson
Divisional Chairs:                             
   Keeler                                              Andy Kennedy
   Trailer                                              Graham Vincent
   Centreboard                                    Greg Scott 
   WoW                                               Delwyn Keyworth
   Multi Hull                                          Dennis Webster
Treasurer                                            Gary Smith & Phil Scherer
Patron:                                                Bill Mitchinson                                                                                           Nick Wrinch, Commodore
Club Solicitor                                      Doug Lyon                                                         

Contact or 07 578 5512.