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Measurment/registration is due to start on Saturday 4th Jan from 10.00 to 15.00
All the Tanner Cup boats must present for Measurement

We will also process as many Tauranga Cup Boats that present as well.

A copy of the measurment form is here
We will have copies so no need to then out unless you want to.
This is mainly a "check in" process where the competitor is registering in the equiptment they want to use for the contest.

P Class Entries

The entries to 29 December are:

Sail Club Region F Name Surname
97 HYC Waikato Julia Ebert
318 WBSC Wellington Albert Stanley
308 NPYC Canterbury Matthew Wylie
105 Wanganu Wanganui Kate Sheldon
722 SSYC Northland Jackson Keon
55 WBC North Hbr Kate Stewart
69 GBC/WBC Auckland Henry Haslett
989 TYPBC BOP Cole Rippet

13 TYPBC SamanthaKennedy
15 MBSC Tom Fyfe
19 GBC/WBC Alice Haslett
29 HYC Jason Hewitt
55 WBC Kate Stewart
69 GBC/WBC Henry Haslett
85 MYC/OYC Nicola Wilson
97 HYC Julia Ebert
103 TYPBC/HYC Sara Dodds
105 Wanganu Kate Sheldon
125 TYPBC Tom Maidment
139 HYC Annie Oxborrow
141 TYPBC Dylan Frost
167 TYPBC Jonathon Barnett
218 HYC Rosa Wallace
219 NPYC ChCh Dion Houston
252 TYPBC/HYC Niamh Dillon
279 HYC Brodie Maxwell
308 NPYC CHCH Matthew Wylie
318 WBC Albert Stanley
330 MBSC Kerensa Jennings
331 WBC Xanthe Copeland
397 HYC Hannah Spencer
494 WBC Greta Stewart
555 MBSC Lloyd Perratt
821 HYC Janey Charleston
853 MBSC Min SO
900 WBC Harry Milne
903 MBSC SamanthaStock
934 KYC Ben Nathan
959 HYC Lauren Hewitt
979 TYPBC Jack Revington
987 MYC/OYC PenelopeWilson
989 TYPBC Cole Rippey
982 HYC Millie McHardie
722 SSYC Jackson Keon

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