P Class

Contact details of personal responsible for this division:

Name: Gary Smith
Position: TYPBC Treasurer
Email Address: gary@inbalance.co.nz
Contact phone number: 07 578 5512

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The P Class rules have been amended.

A summary of the changes and the Tanner Cup Policy Here


2018 Wihau sheild  nor and Entry form here




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The P Class National register is also administered by the TYPBC. This is a register of all of the P Class yachts in New Zealand. To compete at the P Class Nationals and some other regattas it is a requirement that your boat is on the register.

For more information please send an email to pclass@tauranga.co.nz.





P Class History and Rules

The P Class was designed in 1923 by Harry Highet and was originally known as the Tauranga Class.  Over the years it has grown more sophisticated and has embraced modern technology but it remains more or less the same snub-nosed little seven-foot sailing boat, which first took New Zealand by storm so many years ago.  It is, without doubt, the most enduring of all classes.


Competition in this class is fierce and to be successful it is necessary to have a good boat with good gear. Do not hesitate to get advice before purchasing a P Class without a racing record. The P Class is a difficult little boat to sail well. It is sometimes said that if you can sail a P Class you can sail anything. It is certainly true that the success which New Zealand has had in international youth and other sailing competitions is due in part to the good grounding in the boat handling skills provided by the P Class.

All P Class skippers are encouraged to enter the P Class events mentioned in the programme plus any other out of town events as they occur. It is by experiencing the competition in different waters against different competitors that improvements in performance are made.

The most important event in the P Class calendar is the Tanner Cup (Inter-provincial) and the Tauranga Cup (National Championships).  These two Competitions are held in early January. The Tauranga Cup is an open championship that every P Class sailor can enter.

The Tanner Cup involves having one representative from each province racing for New Zealand's foremost P Class trophy. These representatives are selected from trials held every year in each province.  The Bay of Plenty trials are in November each year

The P Class rules are administered by the Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club.  There have not been any rule changes since August 2003. 

P Class Registrar
PO Box 14352

If you are changing the registered owner then use the same form, enclosing your $10 and post to the same address.