21 June 2018

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Thursday, 21st June 2018

Commodore's Comments

This week I am delighted to welcome Duncan & Ebbett to the Club as financial supporters of the Club. They, along with Volvo NZ wanted to put some money into sailing at grass roots level and we really appreciate their support.
So if you are in the market for another vehicle please consider those that support our Club.
They have already offered a small group of members the opportunity to test out the new Land Rovers one day next week to if you are interested, please contact me asap (nickwrinch@live.com).

Yachting New Zealand held their regional update meeting last night at the Mount Yacht Club.
It was good to see a good turnout of about 20-30 TYPBC members from across the sailing spectrum, out of a total turnout of 50-60  people from Hamilton, Taupo, Rotorua, Whakatane etc. 
We were there to hear YNZ’s vision for the future and where we can do better. It was all good stuff and it is good to see that so much strategic thinking is going in to the future of the sport. More details about this can be found at the YNZ website

It seems that there are a lot of break ins to cars in the marina car park at present with radar detectors being popular. Please ensure that no valuables are left in site when you leave your car.
In a similar vein we have been aware that various outsiders have been tapping into the Clubs external power points at night.
Sometimes this can be people sleeping rough or maybe people using the freedom camping area. We are in the process of rewiring these so it is not possible. But the other thing to consider is ensuring that the club is securely locked when you leave it. This is especially important with respect to the centreboard rooms which have a history of not being locked after use. Please ensure that these doors are kept locked otherwise we may have some people moving in for a kip at nights.

City to Surf Fun Run / walk is due to take place November 4th this year. Of late Peter and Leanne Warren have taken on the role of organisers but they have done their turn and now we would like someone else to take a turn.
Peter and Leanne are happy to assist this year while a new person learns the ropes. The event is a good fundraiser for the Club –   we are responsible for filling the goodie bags, taking registrations, and providing marshalls around the course. The race itself is professionally run and we get paid by the organisers who run a pretty slick operation. The Club benefits to the tune of $2-3000 for a few hours work. Anyone interested in getting involved please contact me (nickwrinch@live.com) or Lynne in the Office.

Another report has been produced by council staff which continues to recommend the land next to the Game Fishing Club for the university campus. We continue to believe that this is a poor and short sighted option. The Club has teamed up with the Marina Society and the Game Fishing Club and have engaged the services of Michelle Paddison who is a well-respected environmental solicitor who used to work for council – so she knows the ropes.
She, along with representatives from the 3 organisations (myself, in our case), have been allowed time to address the Economic Development and Investment Committee of the Tauranga City Council next Monday.
We have concerns about the site and the process that council staff has used along the way. We will ensure that councillors are made fully aware of these matters.

Centreboard division had a good days racing last Sunday as part of the Steve’s Marine Winter Series, and this weekend hopefully some wind for the keelers to race what should be Race 4 of the Burnsco Winter Series.  Good luck to Peter Burling and the crew of Brunel as they set out on the last leg of the Volvo from Gothenburg to The Hague which will probably seem like a day sail to them.

Good sailing.

Nick Wrinch


22 Jun - Members' Night
24 Jun - Keeler Winter Series 4
29 Jun - Members' Night
01 Jul - CB Winter Series 4
06 Jul - Members Night
08 Jul - Keeler Winter Series 5
10 Jul - TYPBC AGM
15 Jul - CB Winter Series 5


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Roast of the day: Baked Ham and Pineapple served with roast vegetables of the day

Reg $12.50
Large $15.50
XL $18.50

Lambs Fry and Bacon with garlic mash and steamed veges
Chicken Parmigiana, served with polenta chips and salad

Steak and Tomato Pie served with mash and steamed peas


Deconstructed Lamb burger, Kumara rosti, beetroot hummus, roquette served on brioche bun

Gourmet Beef Burger, 120gm pattie, onion rings, fried egg and salad filling served wtih Fries

Porterhouse Steak, served with a side salad and fries with your choice of blue cheese, onion rings or garlic butter topping.  $18.00
Tempura Prawns served with salad and fries $17.00
Fish Burger and Fries $8.00
Beef burger and fries $8.00
 Fish and Chips served with lemon and tartare sauce  $13.50
 EXTRAS Side Salad
bowl fries
Large Fries


 Your choice of Chicken Nuggets, Fish, or Hot dog and Chips all served with Tomato Sauce and include a ice cream sundae for $6.50



Sailability needs you

WHO: Volunteers who can SAIL or drive a RIB
WHEN:  2 days/month
WHY:  We have disabled sailors waiting to come sailing,
but need more volunteers to act as skippers and patrol boat crews.
BENEFITS;  to you- warm fuzzy when you enable someone
previously excluded from sailing, to join our sport .
Home baking on tap all day!
It’s a proven fact, volunteering keeps you from aging!
For the Sailors; freedom, adventure, confidence building.
For your community; the potential to include another
25% of our population in the sport of sailing.
Disability sport is a growing phenomenon .
Please contact; Alistair Eagleson- eagles.aeries@xtra.co.nz
Or Rhonda Ritchie- opscommittee.stct@gmail.com

Race management seminar 

We are hosting a race management seminar here at the Yacht Club on the weekend of the 14th and 15th fo July 2018. This is a free seminar, follow this link to find out more information and fill out a registration form here

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