8 March 2018

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Thursday, 8th March 2018

Commodore's Comments

All eyes on the Pacific Rim this week with the opening ceremony on Friday at 1745hrs. Boats are nearly ready for the practice race on Saturday. Serious racing begins on Sunday and we hope that the incoming cyclone does not spoil the racing too much. More information at http://pacrimyachtchallenge.org.nz or see below.

We have a team currently training to compete in the Women’s Keelboat Nationals in early April. As part of their training they have been travelling to Auckland to compete in some of the Womens Dufour Series on the MRX yachts on Tuesdays.   This week the crew comprising of Holly Farmer (deputising for Maria), Helen Maxey, Lisa Knapton. Sas Pearce, Amanda Torr, and Gina Wright Barry competed and won the series of three races – beating the current NZ champ, and a previous winner of national champs. So the team are buoyed by this very positive result.

Great night on the water last night and congrats to Divisional winners Rocket Science, Sabian, No Regrets, Arabian Night, and Team Seahorse. Hard to be believe that there are only 3 more races in the series. Note that next week’s race is a Committee Boat Start.

No centreboard racing at the Club this weekend, but there is a Friday Night Fun Race for those keeler owners not involved with the PACRIM.

And on the subject of the PACRIM….there are a lot of people who have put a huge amount of work to make the next week happen. Thanks to all of them – far too many to mention individually – thanks too to all the home hosts, and welcome to our overseas visitors who you will see around the Club. Please take the time to say hello and make them feel welcome.

Remember that tomorrow is the cut off day for getting your comments into Council regarding the siting of the Uni Campus next to the Game Fishing Club. If you haven’t done so yet then please do so asap. Follow this link HERE

Good sailing.

Nick Wrinch

Pacrim News

PACRIM kicks off tomorrow!!

So what’s on besides the racing and ambassador excursions?
Social format for the regatta. All members are welcome.

Friday 9th March
5.30pm – Opening Ceremony follow by BBQ dinner. (please note that the bar will be shut from 3pm until after the official opening is completed)
Meal tickets available for purchase $45 each

Saturday 10th
Bar open from 2pm

Sunday 11th & Monday 12th
Bar open from 2pm and light meals will be available

Tuesday 13th
Bar open from 2pm
6pm – Social evening, skit/auction night with dinner
Meal tickets available for purchase $25 each

Wednesday 14th
Bar open from 2pm
5pm – Club racing and dinner available at club after racing (usual format)

Thursday 15th
Bar open from 2pm

Friday 16th
Bar open from 2pm
4.30pm - Prize giving, closing ceremony followed by dinner
Meal tickets available for purchase $45 each

If you wish to purchase a meal ticket for the opening, closing and social event these need to be purchased before the day. This is due to needing numbers for catering.

Please contact the club to let them know if you want to attend those events to arrange payment and meal ticket.

Club contact
Phone:  578 5512
Email:    office @yacht.org.nz
Or, just call in at the club and see Lynne in the office

Volunteers Needed
We have had a great response with getting volunteers and a big huge thank you to you for putting your name forward.

We still need a few more volunteers and as of Thursday morning we still need the following:

Tuesday Evening Meal
We need approximately 9 volunteers to each provide one large bowl of salad that will feed approximately 20 people.
Suggestions: green salad, coleslaw, potato salad, Greek salad, pasta salad, couscous, or your family favourite

The Club is providing tinned fruit, cake and whipped cream, but we need to top this up with mini-meringues and fruit platters.
We need:
•    2 volunteers to each provide 50 mini-meringues
•    10 volunteers to each provide a platter with prepared fresh fruit

Also, the Tuesday evening meal is an opportunity to showcase some of the delicacies of our region, e.g. smoked fish, etc. etc!!
If you can provide something special that would be great.

All food for the evening meal to be delivered to the Club kitchen no later than 5.30pm on Tuesday.

You can add your name to the food rosters here:
Contact Wayne Hunter ph: 027 273 8773 or 575-8833 email: wayne-helen@xtra.co.nz

 General Assistance
Able to help collating photos after race day and excursions
Assist club staff and committee
Contact Fred Jeanes ph: 021 355 594 email: windsheer@hotmail.com
If you are able to help in any way, please contact us.

For those members that have never attended the Pacific Rim Regatta. This an enjoyable event. Many memories and friendships are made. An event not to be missed
Thank you for helping to run the event. The club and committee couldn’t run this without your help. We are all looking forward to the regatta and hope to see you all next week at the opening ceremony and beyond.

PacRim Committee


09 Mar - Pacrim begins NO MEMBERS NIGHT
10 Mar - OKI 24hr
13 Mar - Pacrim Socail Night
14 Mar - Keeler/MH/TY Summer Series 20 CBS
16 Mar - Pacrim Closing Ceremony NO MEMBERS NIGHT
17 Mar - Short handed Series 4


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Although the Laser fleet at TYPBC is little in numbers currently they made a big dent in the prize table at the OKI 24 hrs this year.
After sailing through the night with headlights and reflectors very little sleep and a whole lot of Adrenalin Elly and her team mate Samantha Stock ( French Bay ) were the First female team over the finish!
Winner of Womens Division, 10th fastest time and 3 rd youth team sailing in - GT Marine sponsored yacht, - 84 Laps .
Just piped at the post for 9th place overall and 3rd open was our own
Kirk Vosper and his team mate James Graham, sailing under TYPBC.
And then the brothers from over the hill did really well too -  Ken Atchison, Scott     Mc Dougall and Werner Hernig placing 3rd overall in the master division. they didn't even look to jaded at the end.


To all Yacht Clubs near(ish) Auckland,

This Saturday, you and your club members will have the rare opportunity to meet the sailors of two amazing teams in the Volvo Ocean Race – team AkzoNobel (Leg 6 race winners!) and Dongfeng Race Team (2nd overall placeholders!). As official gear suppliers to these two teams, we have managed to arrange a crew signing event at their team bases down in the Volvo Ocean Race Village in Auckland.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet these inspiring and dedicated sailors and to get their team merchandise / free posters signed by them as well as the chance to ask them what it takes to compete in the 2017-18 edition of the race, which lasts for eight months, covers over 83,000 kilometres (45,000 nautical miles), crosses four oceans, stops in 12 major cities and touches six continents.

From team AkzoNobel you’ll get to meet leading Kiwi sailors, Northland’s Brad Farrand and Justin Ferris as well as the Skipper, Simeon Tienpont (NED) and also in attendance will be team AkzoNobel’s three female sailors, Martine Grael (BRA), Cécile Laguette (FRA) and Emily Nagel (BER).

From Dongfeng Race Team you’ll meet one of New Zealand’s unsung superior sailors Nelson’s Daryl Wislang and get team posters and merchandise signed by him and two of his legendary team members, Chen Jinhao ‘Horace’ and Liu Xue ‘Black’.

Details for each event are below. There is also a Facebook event link below for each event with all the event information you need. Best (and cheapest!) parking will be at Downtown Carpark.

We suggest you get there early as we are expecting it to be popular! Also the NZ Herald In-Port Race will take place 1-3pm on Saturday as well as lots of other activations and entertainment, so you may as well make a day of it!

Team AkzoNobel

10am-10.30am - Saturday, March 10
Team AkzoNobel team base
Halsey Wharf, Wynyard Quarter

the yacht club function

While the sun is out make sure you get along to Members night and enjoy a drink on the deck followed by a relaxed meal with great company.

 Website or facebook page 

finish with a laugh..
  • What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved
  • Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? -- He had no body to go with him
  • Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm and leg in a car crash? -- He's all right now


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