1 March 2018

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Thursday, 1st March 2018

Commodore's Comments

The Zephyr Nationals were held last weekend at Worser Bay in moderate to heavy winds. Seventy three boats came to the line. Once again top TYPBC competitor was Mark Thomas who (once again) just missed out on a podium finish with 4th place. Other competitors in a highly competitive fleet included Vice Commodore Andy Knowles (14th), Keiran Thomas (20th), Hanie Eichholz (38th), and Ian Watson (61st).
By all accounts Worser Bay ran a great regatta and so now the pressure is on for TYPBC who will be hosting the Nationals in February 2019.
Full results here

PAC RIM organisation is in full swing with boats starting to arrive to go through a thorough vetting and inspection process prior to racing. Many, many thanks to those owners who have entrusted their boats to the Club and thus enabling us to hold the regatta.

A good breeze for the Summer series on Wednesday evening. A high tide meant good conditions for the Committee boat start off Kulim Park. Congrats to Divisional winners The Rascal,General Jackson, Nauti Monster, Keewee and Tigger.

This weekend sees the keelers racing for the prestigious Gold Cup on Sunday (Briefing 8.45am at the Club) and the Centreboard Summer Series continues on Sunday.

Good sailing.

Nick Wrinch

Pacrim News

Another week gone by and a week to go before our overseas guests arrive and to compete in the 2018 Pac Rim Challenge.

So what’s on besides the racing and ambassador excursions?
Social format for the regatta. All members are welcome.

Friday 9th March
5.30pm – Opening Ceremony follow by BBQ dinner. (please note that the bar will be shut from 3pm until after the official opening is completed)
Meal tickets available for purchase $45 each

Saturday 10th
Bar open from 2pm

Sunday 11th & Monday 12th
Bar open from 2pm and light meals will be available

Tuesday 13th
Bar open from 2pm
6pm – Social evening, skit/auction night with dinner
Meal tickets available for purchase $25 each

Wednesday 14th
Bar open from 2pm
5pm – Club racing and dinner available at club after racing (usual format)

Thursday 15th
Bar open from 2pm

Friday 16th
Bar open from 2pm
4.30pm - Prize giving, closing ceremony followed by dinner
Meal tickets available for purchase $45 each

If you wish to purchase a meal ticket for the opening, closing and social event these need to be purchased before the day. This is due to needing numbers for catering.

Please contact the club to let them know if you want to attend those events to arrange payment and meal ticket.

Club contact
Phone:  578 5512
Email:    office @yacht.org.nz
Or, just call in at the club and see Lynne in the office

Volunteers Needed
We have had a great response with getting volunteers and a big huge thank you to you for putting your name forward.

We still need a few more volunteers and as of Thursday morning we still need the following:

Tuesday Evening Meal
We need approximately 9 volunteers to each provide one large bowl of salad that will feed approximately 20 people.
Suggestions: green salad, coleslaw, potato salad, Greek salad, pasta salad, couscous, or your family favourite

The Club is providing tinned fruit, cake and whipped cream, but we need to top this up with mini-meringues and fruit platters.
We need:
•    2 volunteers to each provide 50 mini-meringues
•    10 volunteers to each provide a platter with prepared fresh fruit

Also, the Tuesday evening meal is an opportunity to showcase some of the delicacies of our region, e.g. smoked fish, etc. etc!!
If you can provide something special that would be great.

All food for the evening meal to be delivered to the Club kitchen no later than 5.30pm on Tuesday.

You can add your name to the food rosters here:
Contact Wayne Hunter ph: 027 273 8773 or 575-8833 email: wayne-helen@xtra.co.nz

 General Assistance
Able to help collating photos after race day and excursions
Assist club staff and committee
Contact Fred Jeanes ph: 021 355 594 email: windsheer@hotmail.com
If you are able to help in any way, please contact us.

For those members that have never attended the Pacific Rim Regatta. This an enjoyable event. Many memories and friendships are made. An event not to be missed
Thank you for helping to run the event. The club and committee couldn’t run this without your help. We are all looking forward to the regatta and hope to see you all next week at the opening ceremony and beyond.

PacRim Committee


01 Mar - WOW 8
01 Mar - BOPSAT Throphy 420 TYPBC
03 MAr - TY Picnic
03 Mar - Blue Water SeriesGold Cup
04 Mar - CB Div Summer Series 19
07 Mar - Keeler/MH/TY Summer Series 19
09 Mar - Pacrim begins NO MEMBERS NIGHT
10 Mar - OKI 24hr
13 Mar - Pacrim Socail Night
14 Mar - Keeler/MH/TY Summer Series 20 CBS
16 Mar - Pacrim Closing Ceremony
17 Mar - Short handed Series 4


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Please note the reduced menu due to a wedding been on this friday night also. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Roast of the day: Pork with Apple Sauce Served with roast vegetables of the day

Reg $12.50
Large $15.50

 Tempura Prawns served with salad and fries $17.00
 Fish and Chips served with lemon and tartare sauce  $13.50


 Your choice of Chicken Nuggets, Fish, or Hot dog and Chips all served with Tomato Sauce and include a ice cream sundae for $6.50


Keeler news

A committee boat start in front of Kulam Park made for an interesting start last night in a North Easterly breeze of 10 to 15 knots. Well done to The Rascal, General Jackson and Nauti Monster for taking out first place on handicap in their respective divisions. Would you believe it only four more races left in the Summer Series – already the nights are starting to close in and getting cooler.

Don’t forget the Gold Cup on Sunday which being sailed as a shorter course this year to encourage participation. The aim is to set a course on the day that will be challenging (lots of angles) and take about 6 hours. Briefing will be at 8.45 Sunday Morning and start time is planned for 10.00 or maybe delayed if the start is shifted to A Beacon. Remember this is an outside course and will be a Cat 4 plus race. Get the crew all fired up!

The inaugural Easter Keeler Regatta to Mercury Island is coming up at the end of this month. Book your diaries, crew and family. This should be a great event and a good send off to the season.

See you out there.

James Stewart

Keeler Chair

Inaugural typbc easter regatta

When TYPBC brought forward the Auckland/Tauranga Race, Easter became available on the Calendar and a cruising event was suggested. As a result, TYPBC will be holding a ‘Legends’ style Easter Regatta at Mercury Cove.
The aim is to create an informal and enjoyable regatta.

Programme outline:
•    A race to Mercury Cove in two Divisions; Extras and No Extras will start from Pilot Bay and skippers can chose when to start, either on the Thursday or Good Friday with an allowance for motoring.
•    A Ladies Race, a Fishing Contest and a Rowboat Race.
•    Prize giving with spot prizes at the event.
•    A race back to Tauranga.
Details are in the Sailing Instructions and Entry Form available on the TYPBC website

trailer sailor news

Friday night get together
Trailer Yacht cruisers REMINDER Friday night is the ’get-together’ at the Yacht club  start time 1730-1800, Also be aware that there is a very reduced menu as there is a wedding on the Yacht Club and all meals need to be ordered as soon as you arrive as the kitchen will have to stop cooking from 6.30pm till 8pm.

Saturday Picnic day

Trailer Yacht Cruisers REMINDER This coming Saturday is PICNIC DAY , Destination , western side of Motuhoa Island  that’s    S-37-38-411---E-176-03-809 ( I think) Stick these coordinates in your GPS ,(  who knows ??) , just remember to bring your passport. Wind is from the east ( as usual ). When you get up you might just think “shit I’m not going out there “but conditions are SUPPOSED to improve,( According to Windfinder) . Anyway its Lunch  between- 1200-1230
See you out there MARIESOFIE CLEAR

Matakana raID 2018

Hi Team,

I know this is very late notice but the mulithull div works best when it things get thrown together at the last minute.

Please see the attached documents, I hope you can all make it. We have some space reserved at the Athenree camp ground, so get booking straight away. Entry form and money in ASAP too please.
At this stage we don't have a support crew for the patrol boat but I'm working on that.  I'm also looking for a camp leader to manage the shopping and food at the other end.

If anyone can help out then please let me know.

I'm organizing a trailer to go to and from the camp ground.

Best Regards

BoPSAT's submission on the TECT proposal

Below is the submission BoPSAT put in yesterday to TECT.  With the debate having become quite heated recently, and in some cases quite personal, I thought a less serious tone would be appropriate.  Cheers, Stuart Pedersen, chairman.

I am a humble charitable trust and I don't know much about the electricity industry. Heck, I have a Trustpower account in my name but I hardly even use any electricity.

 Most of what I do is down at the Sailing Centre at Sulphur Point, where I help get lots of kids into sailing who otherwise couldn't. So I guess I know a little about wind power anyway.

 One of my humans gets his home power from Trustpower because that's the only way
I can apply for grants from TECT. No doubt there's some historic reason for that rule but it seems a bit odd. He and his family are unable to shop around for cheaper power, so I am glad that at least I can pass on the TECT cheque to him.

 I really like that TECT paid for some of our boats. Not only can we keep high school team sailing costs down below other places, but we can also give free sailing programmes to kids at low decile schools like Merivale and Gate Pa. I love hearing how much better those kids do in school once they get these opportunities. I also like that like my humans, the TECT trustees are not doing it for money.

 It seems to me though that it would be much simpler if TECT were disconnected from Trustpower and became like other funding bodies. Then they could spread their investment money around better and their future would be more secure. Charities like me could be supported just on our merits without any silly rules. And my humans could get their power wherever they liked.

 I hear that the TECT trustees are proposing something along those lines, and I really hope lots of humans vote for it. I would!

Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust, Trustpower customer

the yacht club function

While the sun is out make sure you get aalong to Members night and enjoy a drink on the deck followed by a relaxed meal with great company.

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