23 November 2017

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Thursday, 23rd November 2017

 Commodore's Comments

Tanner Cup Trials took place last week in the P Class with 12 boats taking part. A keenly contested series of 6 races in challenging conditions. The final result was in the balance up until the last race. Congratulations to Lachlan Dillon who won the trials. He will also be joined by Max Scott, Sydney Cunliffe and Teaghan Denny at the Tanner Cup in Kohimarama in early January.

A meeting is being held at the Club next Tues at 7.30pm to discuss the future of the Auckland Tauranga Race and whether we will have enough support from Club boats to run the race. This is a critical meeting for the future of the race and if you have an opinion then you need to be there. See further details in James Stewart’s piece below.

Keelers had an exciting time with their short handed race last weekend with 25-30knot winds providing some testing conditions. Well done to Ross Currie and his team on The Rascal.

Fun times for the Zephyr North Island Championships at Taupo last weekend where it was also windy and mighty cold too by all accounts. Lots of swimming in cold water and broken boats. Five boats from Tauranga took part out of the fleet of 26. Well done to Mark Thomas who was the top performing TYPBC boat.

Forty one boats on the harbour last night for the Summer Series races in glorious conditions even though the tide was out. Well done to the crews of Whatever, Sabian, No Regrets, Mintaka and Team Seahorse for their respective victories.

This weekend you may notice a bit of filming going on at the Club and on the water. The production team from the TV programme “Coast” are making a programme on Tauranga and within that there will be a segment as to why Tauranga produces these excellent world class Olympic sailors. Molly Meech will be around taking one of the presenters for a sail and there are even plans to stick him in a P Class which should be interesting. Weather and tides should make Tauranga harbour look fantastic and some more great exposure for our Club.

Centreboard summer series continues this weekend and on Sunday the Matakana Classic is taking place for the Multihulls. Good luck to sailors going out of town to regattas.

I have had a couple of complaints lately that I have failed to mention achievements of our younger sailors - apologies for that. But if I don’t know about it then I won’t be mentioning it. Parents and class reps please drop me a line and keep me updated with the good work that’s going on and I will be very glad to share it. My email nickwrinch@live.com

As I write this, in haste, I am off to an Economic Development and Investment Committee Meeting at the Council where the economic impact of the University Campus will be discussed, along with an update on the state of play. So more news on that next week.

Good Sailing

Nick Wrinch


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24 Nov - Members' Night
25 Nov - TY Picnic
25 Nov - Tanner Cup Trials
25 Nov - Laser NIs Napier
26 Nov - CB Div Summer Series 10
29 Nov - Keeler/TY/MH Summer Series 10
30 Nov - WOW 4
01 Dec - Members' Night
02 Dec - SPB Regatta Torbay
04 Dec - Nespresso youth Week Kawau
06 Dec - Keeler/TY/MH Summer Series 11
08 Dec - Friday Night Fun Race 4
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09 Dec - Kids on Cats
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09 Dec - Wakatere Youth Regatta
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13 Dec - Keeler/TY/MH Summer Series 12 CBS


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CHILDRENS' MENU (option for children under 12 only)

Chicken & Chips*


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*Ice Cream Sundae included with each children's meal


Keeler report

Six yachts competed in Race 2 of the Short-handed series last Saturday in fresh South Easterlies. The forecast was for winds in the 30 to 40 knot range with rough seas putting some crews off. During the race gusts in the early 30’s were recorded. A course to A buoy, Karewa, A buoy, Stowe and home was set with some boats reaching speeds in excess of 16 knots on the way to Karewa. A couple of yachts put up their kites to add to the excitement. Kaimai Express was first over the line by a decent margin. Well done to The Rascal for getting first place on handicap by a two minute margin followed by Kaimai Express and Sniper. The next short-handed race is on January the 13th.

It was a beautiful night on the water for last nights Summer Series race 9. The start line was set well in the northerly winds – maybe slightly favoured toward the start box end. The course was 17, P7, BM5, P7, BM5 and home. The low tide turned during the race giving some advantage to those boats that were attentive (and had their speed logs working!). Kaimai Express was first over the line for Division 1, Sabian for Division 2 and No Regrets for Division 3. Division 1 handicap placings were Whatever, Kaimai Express and Manxman. Division 2 Sabian, Otway 3 and Voodoo Lounge. Division 3 No Regrets, Taihine and Freedom Express. Division 1 is enjoying some close racing at present with Time Warp and Truxton first equal in the series and 5 other boats within 8 points. Pressure is on! Not so for Voodoo Lounge in Division 2 who has an 11 point margin – time for them to take some early Christmas leave in my opinion! Division 3 is currently being won by Freedom Express with No Regrets and Flashback a further 3 points each back in that order.

The Auckland to Tauranga race needs some work to get organised! All races require some work to get organised and this race more so than the others. If you are planning on racing please attend the meeting to be held at the Club next Tuesday at 7.30PM. It’s all hand on deck to get this race organised. Many hands make light work! The race date of 3 February is perfectly timed – have the week before off, race in the Whitianga race on the 27th of January, attend the Whitianga Summer Concert on the 28th of February, cruise up to Auckland that week and race back to Tauranga on the 3rd of February. Being February the weather is about as settled as it gets making for a great week of sailing and cruising! This is the premier keel boat race for the Club! Let’s get sorted!

See you out there.

James Stewart,
Keeler Chairman

MulitHull report

Seven boats with fourteen hulls graced the Wednesday night course in gorgeous conditions.  Holes by the container wharf and leadfoot traffic made for a challenging three laps with lots of close racing.  A spectacular port hand start by foiler Vitamin B produced some good photos by Murray and a soundtrack of 20 knot whistling.  Seahorse took the honours followed by Feisty Feline and Touch'n'Go. 

This Sunday we hope to succeed with running the Matakana Classic - thanks to Roger Rushton and Dallas Frost for supporting us in the Jimmy Gilpin.  Then on 9 November we are holding the annual Kids on Cats day at 11am - members and the public aged under 16 are welcome to come for a 20 minute spin on a Tornado and need only a wetsuit, gold coin and good attitude. Spread the word as this little taster is a great way to get new kids (and their parents) into sailing.

Coaches corner

Hey everyone! Another exciting week in the sailing school this week. Well done to everyone who participated in the Tanner Cup on this past Sunday! The 12 P Classes experienced some very trying conditions with an interesting South Eastern breeze which provided patchy wind with incredibly dense gusts.

Our next course is coming up quickly with Term 4 coming to a close. Sign up for our Christmas Holiday course here:  It will be taking place from Dec 18th-22nd at a cost of $320 for Level 1, and $300 for Level 2, 3, and Green Fleet. Registration is also open for our Summer Holiday Program on Jan 22-26th, and all of our Term 1 courses are open as well. So book your spot in our courses today! Spaces are filling up quickly.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at LTS.coach@yacht.org.nz

If I don’t reply right away it’s probably because I am on the water! Remember to follow the Sailing School on Instagram @tauranga.coach for up to date pictures of the happenings and the day to day lives of the sailors.

See you on the water!


 health & safety - chemicals

New Regulations have been introduced into New Zealand covering the labelling, handling and storage of the chemicals. Chemicals basically cover everything that is not water. It covers things from washing-up detergent, to corrosive cleaning products, through to petrol etc.

The yacht club needs to keep Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) for all these chemicals, and must have Safe Operating Procedures to use the products in a safe manner. The club also needs to supply employees with the correct personal safety equipment and train the staff in the correct use of them.

As you can see, there is a lot of responsibility placed on the club with the use and storage of chemicals, but the one area where the club has no control is chemicals brought to the club by members.

Members bring a range of chemicals to the club, to repair or clean their boats. These can be resins, glues, sprays, etc, or various other products.

  •     Please ensure you use these chemicals in a safe manner, and you are not putting any other members at risk.
  •     Please ensure you dispose of any empty containers or un-used product in a safe manner.
  •     Remove all chemicals from the club grounds and do not leave any chemicals at the club for later use.

    For example, there are members of the club who will have a severe reaction to epoxy resin.

    Therefore, after repairing your boat, if there is wet resin or glue in an exposed location. It is your responsibility to ensure no other club member (or animal) could get accidentally exposed to that substance.


Phil Scherer

the yacht club functions

We are seeing some amazing sunsets from the deck, make sure you book in your function to enjoy our fantastic backdrop and venue.

Give our functions staff a call to discuss

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finish with a laugh..

An elderly woman called 111 on her cell phone to report that her car had been broken in to.

She is hysterical as she explains her situation to the dispatcher: “They’ve stolen the stereo, the steering wheel, the brake pedal and even the accelerator!” she cried.

The dispatcher said, “Stay calm. An officer is on the way.”

A few minutes later, the officer radios in. “Disregard.” He says. “She got in the back-seat by mistake.”


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