14 September 2017

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Thursday, 14th September 2017

Commodore's Comments

 Congratulations this week to everyone who was involved with and contributed to the AIMS Games yachting regatta which was held at the Club this week.
94 boats competed and this year the fleet had to be divided into Gold and Silver fleets. There were some challenging conditions but everyone seemed to have a great time. Special thanks must go to Leanne Warren for her expert organisation and to Hamish Hey from Yachting New Zealand for his enthusiastic support of this event.
This was Hamish’s last AIMS games and we wish him well with his new job – he will be missed I’m sure.
Thanks too to Bill Whitiskie and Warren Belk for their management of the racing. Thanks too to the many members and other parents and visitors who helped out in various areas to make the event such a great success.

Overseas Jason Saunders and Gemma Jones just missed out on a podium finish at the Nacra World Champs in France. They ended up on the wrong side of a big wind shift in the medal race which meant they finished 7th in that race and 4th overall. Well done all the same.

Laser Worlds are just about to take place in Split in Croatia. We have two representatives there with Sam Meech and Thomas Saunders taking part.  Best of luck to the pair of them. Follow their results at https://laserworlds2017.com/

Opening Day is this Sunday from 9.30am. Please contact the Office 5785512 or office@yacht.org.nz  to book your tickets for breakfast so that we know how many to cater for. 
New calendars and Sailing Instructions for the new season will be available.
Keelers will be racing at 1pm and the Centreboard division begin their Summer Series too.
Thanks to all the people who responded with offers of a gun for Opening Ceremony – I had no idea that so many TYPBC members were so well armed!

Good sailing

Nick Wrinch


15 Sep - Members' Night
17 Sep - Club Opening Day
17 Sep - CB Summer Series 1
22 Sep - Members' Night
23 Sep - A Beacon - Mayor Island & Return  Race
24 Sep - Daylight Savings Begins
24 Sep - CB Summer Series 2
27 Sep - Keeler/TY/MH Summer Series 1
28 Sep - Rules night
29 Sep - Members' Night
30 Sep - Short Handed Series 1
30 Sep - Winter Champs MBSC Starling TS 30th Sep - 2nd Oct


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P CLASS BISTRO MENU - Reduced menu due to Ken been on a well-earned holiday.

Roast of the Day: Beef and Yorkshire Pudding served with Roast Vegetables of the day

Extra Large Serve $18.50

Half Serve Roast


Tempura Prawns $17.00
Lasagna and Salad


Fish & Chips served with lemon and tartare sauce $13.50
Vegetable Fritters and Salad $15.00
Beef Burger with fries $8.50
Fish Burger with fries $8.50
Chicken Burger with fries $8.50



Side Salad


Bowl of Fries


Large Fries




Choc or Raspberry Sundae


Chocolate Brownie




CHILDRENS' MENU (option for children under 12 only)

Chicken & Chips*


Fish & Chips*


Hot Dog & Chips*


*Ice Cream Sundae included with each children's meal



Club opening day 2017

Itinerary for the club opening day is as follows, See below for the menu.

0930        Brunch

1030        Commodore's Welcome Speech, Raising of the Club Flag & other Formalities

1130         Keelboat Briefing

1200         End of Formalities

1300         Racing Begins

The Tauranga Marine Industry Association, Will also be setting up a display on the grass beside the club from 9am till 12 noon on Sunday the 17th September. They welcome all members to check out their display.

The Coastguard may also be running a flare demonstration.

Managers update

As you all know must know from the media, The AIMs Games takes over our City each year at this time with over 10,000 athletes competing in 20 odd sports.

For the third year Yachting has been included in the 2017 AIMs programme. Over the last 8 months I have worked with Leanne Warren who has been the coordinator for Yachting at TYPBC. Leanne has done an immense amount of work to get this event onto the water, co-ordinating a vast number of volunteers, craft and resources to ensure that the 2017 regatta was successful. And successful it was, despite the weather throwing all sorts of variety at these young sailors the three days of sailing were completed with success for some and a lot of experience gained by all.
A big thank you to all volunteers, each person's contribution added to this event's success; whether it was picking up a broom to sweep the floor, setting the Marks, Race 'Officialing', making sandwiches or spending hours in the Tower collating results.
Then of course to Leanne without whom this event would not have happened. Leanne managed the event so well that she commented on day two that she hardly had anything to do. This is the sign of a well organised event, of course a lot of people just know what to do, but it still takes someone to co ordinate the event and Leanne did this with a smile on her face.

I decided that AIMs was a good chance for me to experience a regatta (close up) and also to be of help. I spent the 3 days on a wing mark (as a recorder) with Roger Rushton and loved every minute of it, it was great being out on the water: 'Kaimai bombs', rain, sleet, waves, rare spots of sunshine all added to the experience. I had with great foresight to ask Delwyn Keyworth if I could borrow her sailing gear, thank you Delwyn, my experience, I know, would not have been quite so positive if I was wearing my hockey and tramping gear.
I learnt on day 1 that gumboots are better than trainers and by day three was wearing 2 pairs of long johns, 1 short sleeved and 2 long sleeved merino thermals and had back up gloves in the Chilli-bin Roger and I were mocked for having on board (kept everything dry so there!!!).
We only once managed to have our hot coffee but despite all this it was a most positive experience and I am now much more informed as to what goes on in a regatta and know much more about Roger than I did before.


Lynne Whitaker

Club Manager

Coaches corner

Well winter has flown right by and summer is just around the corner. Congratulations to all of the sailors who competed in the AIMs Games this past weekend, you did our yacht club proud!

Looking forward to summer, registration is open for Term 4 and Holiday Program Sailing, so please contact Kirsten if you are interested at LTS.coach@yacht.org.nz or check out the website for more details. There are still some spots available!

Coming up this weekend is both opening day and also the beginning of our first Adult Learn to Sail Course of the summer. It starts September 17th (this coming Sunday) from 9am-12pm for the Level 1, no experience necessary. Reserve your place today by contacting Kirsten at LTS.coach@yacht.org.nz and learn to sail dinghies in our beautiful Tauranga harbour.

See you on the water!

- Kirsten

Sailability Tauranga

Sailor Bookings

We are really looking forward to our Spring Sailing Days! Our first is on Thursday 14th of September and it is fully booked. We will be extending our sailing times in October to make the most of the improving weather. It's fantastic to see sailors with disabilities making the most of the opportunities that we are providing.
If you know of anyone with any kind of disability and you think they would like to have the experience of sailing with us please pass on our Sailor Coordinator email to find out more information sail@sailabilitytauranga.org.nz


We would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers who make sailing with Sailability Tauranga possible. Without their support we would not be able to offer our amazing sailing opportunities to the disabled communities of the Tauranga region.
We would love more volunteers to come on board. We have land based, skipper and behind the scenes roles available. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, volunteer@sailabilitytauranga.org.nz to see how you could help us.


Our thanks must go out to our sponsors. It is incredibly humbling to have such great support from our community. Our sponsors help ensure that Sailability Tauranga is able to keep running. The following businesses have sponsored us. Please support them as they have supported us!
Blue Gavel (The NZ Past Commodores Association),
Farmers Auto Village,
Tauranga Sunrise Rotary Club,
TCC, (Tauranga City Council),
Rawhiti Horticulture.
Again, a HUGE thank you!

Fundraising and Donations

We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from TECT in one of their latest rounds of funding announcements! Thank you very much to our hardworking fundraising volunteers who have put in the time and effort to secure this.
St Stephen's Op Shop has made a donation to Sailability Tauranga. How wonderful to be the recipient of such generosity.

That's all for now. Happy Sailing!

Kind Regards

Susan Rose
Sailor Coordinator
Sailability Tauranga

027 528 6009


Subscriptions are now due, as per previous seasons the amount you have been invoiced is the full amount noted within brackets below. If payment is made by the 20th of September, you will receive the following discounts:

Junior ($110) $10 discount

Family ($275) $60 discount

Senior ($220) $40 discount

Senior Citizen Family ($137.50) $30 discount

Senior Citizen ($101) $20 discount

Junior 1st year ($50) no discount

Social single membership ($50) no discount

Social Family ($75) no discount

We offer you the chance to donate your discount back to the club and as a donation you can claim this back via your taxes.

 the yacht club functions
Christmas is fast approaching, only 102 days away! If you are looking for somewhere to hold your Christmas function/shout consider us here at The Yacht Club, We have some week nights including some Friday nights left but are filling up fast so make sure you book soon. Come and talk to Steve or Jo about what you would like.

Website or facebook page

 Auckland to Tauranga

The 2018 Auckland to Tauranga Website is up and running, follow this link and keep checking it to see any updates.

The Auckland to Tauranga Race is been held on Waitangi Weekend next year so mark it on your calendar now. Please follow this link to the Akld to Tga NOR,

finish with a laugh..

A Pirate walked into a bar and the bartender said "hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happend? you look  terrible!
"What do you mean?" said the Pirate, "I feel Fine"
"What about the wooden leg? You didn't have that before"
"Arr, well" said the pirate, "We were in a battle, and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I"m fine now"
The bartednder replied, "well, OK, But what about that hook? what happened to your hand?"
The Pirate explained "we were in another battle, I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off, I got fitted with a hook, but I'm fine really."
"What about the patch?"
"Arrrrr, well" said the Pirate "one day we were at sea and a flock of big fat Albatross flew over. As I looked up the bastard thing only went and shat in me eye didn't it, Arrr!"
"You're kidding?" said the bartender "you couldn't lose an eye just from bird shit!"
"Arr, bejasus lad, It was me first day with this feckin hook!!"


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