30 June 2016

bylaw changes

  We have previously drawn your attention to the proposed changes to the Navigation Safety by-laws  http://www.boprc.govt.nz/media/532749/review-of-the-navigation-safety-bylaw-2010_statement-of-proposal.pdf

While we all may have differing opinions on some of them, there are two in particular which we need you to take the time in the next few days (before Thursday July 7th) and put a written submission in to the Regional Council stating our opposition to them.

1)    Firstly the Harbourmaster would like to see a ski lane put in to the west of the Panepane wharf. This area has been used for decades as a good deep-water anchorage adjacent to a good safe swimming beach.  There are very few of these and he wants to deny yacht and launch owners the right to use this.  The link above, has more details.

2)    Secondly the Harbourmaster wants to see an exclusion zone 500m ahead of all ships (over 500t) and 50m either side of ships entering and leaving the harbour.  The implications for this are huge. It may mean that we may have to postpone or cancel racing if we know that a ship is moving in or out of Port during a race.  We already work very hard with the Port to prevent potential conflicts between ships and yachts. Through the Summer we ring and talk to the Port every night before racing and we have kept in close contact with the dredge operators so that we can minimise any chance of conflict. The Club resents that our racing could be impacted in this way.

Once again more details above via the link above.

What can you do?

•    We need you to take time this weekend to make a submission either online or by completing the form which I have attached to this email.
•    Please forward this email to your friends, your crew and anyone else you think might be prepared to support our positions

This has to be done now!  Submissions need to be in by Thursday July 7th.  Don’t wait, we need this done now.

We haven’t provided a worded template for you to fill in your name and send in – we believe it is important that you use your own words to make the submission more genuine.

Please don’t lets be like the Brits and miss an opportunity to get what we need. If this goes through then we will never get these waters back for our sailing, and we will always be dictated to by the Harbourmaster.

Please support the club on this matter, we need every submission we can! The Club will make submissions to but we should get as many private submissions as possible as well.

All information regarding this proposal can be found here:  http://www.boprc.govt.nz/navbylaw

Thanks for your time spent on this. It will be a good investment.

Nick Wrinch

Vice Commodore TYPBC

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the office
on 07 578 5512 or office@yacht.org.nz.