4 November 2015

Learn to Windsurf this weekend

only 3 places left !!!!!


 Join the fast, fun and affordable sport of windsurfing at TYPBC
on the beautiful Tauranga Harbour.

Once you have learnt to windsurf through qualified instructors you can go on to either race in the second largest youth class in the world, the Techno class, or join the Adventure Group who do a variety of fun activities including paddleboarding, sailing, destination sails, picnics, games as well as learn other water skills - something for everyone, children and adults.

What:          Learn to Windsurf with qualified instructor
Where:        TYPBC, Sulphur Point
When:         Saturday 7th Nov, 10am-1pm for 6 weeks
How long:    6 weeks
Who:           Children and adults
Equipment:  Board, rig, lifejacket, wetsuit are all provided by BoPSAT
How much:  $300/person, $250 if you use your own windsurf gear

Contact Christine: 07 578 5512, office@yacht.org.nz
 More information on our club website
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