3 November 2015


Additional Sailing Instruction

All competitors are advised that the dredging vessel the Brage R has now commenced dredging in the Main and Cutter channels. This has the potential to have a significant effect on our sailing.

The flag officers recently met with the dredge operations manager to discuss how to best manage this potential interaction.  He is seriously concerned that while dredging the bank between C1 and 17, it will be very tricky keeping the dredge in position while it is working, and he is very anxious that yachts keep clear so that the dredge has the ability to move suddenly, if it needs to.

Therefore the Race Committee is adding an additional Sailing Instruction to the 2015-16 Sailing Instructions (see below). This will state that all yachts must keep at least 50m away from the dredge while it is operating along the bank.  Breach of this sailing instruction may result in a penalty by the Race Committee.

Competitors should be aware that the dredge may turn at any time. The dredge may give advice over vhf channel 77 of its intention to turn, so all competitors must keep a listening watch on channel 77 in accordance with the Sailing Instructions.

Further to this it is the Race Committee’s recommendation that all competitors stay on the channel side of all green floating marks of the Cutter and Main channels between C1 and 17 in the vicinity of the Brage R while it is dredging the western edge of the Main and Cutter channels.

Notice of Additional Sailing Instruction 1.13

All competitors must keep at least 50 metres clear of any dredging vessel while it is dredging the bank along the western sides of the Cutter and Main channels between C1 and 17.

Nick Wrinch, Vice Commodore
For Race Committee