2 August 2018

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Thursday, 2nd August 2018

Commodore's Comments

Well, A quieter week. This winter, the weather has not been great for sailing on Sundays, particularly for the centreboarders. Sadly, that has been reflected in diminishing numbers of boats. Rain, wind, rain, no wind, seems to have been the pattern. At least there was some breeze last Sunday, and the fleet got back ashore before the weather hit badly. The Tauranga residents are being upstaged by Hamilton sailors. It is great that Helen Spencer in the Zephyrs, and Adrian France in the 470 are putting in the effort, and getting the results.

Keeler racing this coming Sunday. The 4 models in Predictwind have speed range from 2 knots to 19 knots, and direction range from SW to East, so perhaps we should run a sweepstake on what will happen.

Overseas, you can watch our young Olympic competitors live at the Aarhus worlds, starting early, and I mean early, about 2am, tomorrow morning with the Finn and 470 classes.

Not much more gossip on this, but just one tidbit. Did you know that our Jason , (Saunders I mean), spends nearly all his time in France. He has fallen in with a French lady, another Nacra 17 crew, so is now to be found most of the time in La Rochelle.

Summer Opening day is coming up, and will be on us sooner than you can blink, so get stuck in with all those little repairs and improvements NOW.

Speaking of opening day, we are thinking of changing an old tradition. To wit, the opening shot. None of us has a gun anymore, and the police etc. tend to get excited if they hear a gunshot, and do not know what is happening. So, we are looking for an alternative way of ceremonially opening the season. All ideas welcome.

Good news on an item of maintenance that has had us worrying about where the money is to come from. The Lion Foundation has given us $30K, which is about half the cost of the new carpet which is sorely needed for the club rooms. The current one has been there for nearly 35 years, a great life, but it is becoming a potential safety hazard at the joins.  Now, who wants to buy umpteen square metres of “slightly” used Blue patterned carpet?. Offers to me, or Lynne.

We are getting close to finalising the calendar for next season, out soon. If you are interested in advertising on something that is posted on many a yachtie’s wall, and read every week, please let Lynne at the office know.





03 Aug - Members' Night and AIMS Volunteer Meeting
05 Aug - Keeler Winter Series 7
10 Aug - Members' Night
12 Aug - CB Winter Series 7
17 Aug - Members' Night
19 Aug - Keeler Winter Series 8 & Prizegiving
24 Aug - Members' Night
26 Aug - CB Winter Series & Prizegiving
23 Sep - Club Opening Day


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Roast of the day: Pork with Apple Sauce served with roast vegetables of the day

Reg $12.50
Large $15.50
XL $18.50

Butter Chicken served with steamed rice and naan bread
Tempura Prawns served with salad and fries $17.00
Fish Burger and Fries $8.00
Beef burger and fries $8.00
 Fish and Chips served with lemon and tartare sauce  $13.50
 EXTRAS Side Salad
bowl fries
Large Fries


 Your choice of Chicken Nuggets, Fish, or Hot dog and Chips all served with Tomato Sauce and include a ice cream sundae for $6.50


aims volunteer meeting


Those who have volunteered or would like to volunteer to help with AIMS on the 9th, 10th and 11th of September 2018, we are inviting you to a meeting on Friday the 3rd of August from 5.30pm in the members lounge at the Yacht Club. We will provide cheese boards with beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. If you are wanting a meal you will need to order these before 6.30pm

RSVP to office@yacht.org.nz

bopsat wanting sail for Aims racer

Does anyone have a Opti racing sail they would be willing to let a sponsored sailor use over AIMs? a training sail would be great.

If you have something email Tina teekay.mob@gmail.com

Members Night

This week we have a function on and there will be a reduced menu and we will need orders in early, so meals will be available from 5.30 to 6.30pm Thanks for your understanding.

Trailer sailors monthly dinner and drinks

Welcome, Welcome !  Dinner and Drinks.This coming Friday, 3rd August 2018 at the Club House
Drinks from 1700 hrs. and Dinner from 1730 hrs. Do come along and join in the chatter,
and enjoy a relaxed evening  - a nice way to end a winter week.
                                                                 Looking forward to your company,

Reminder there is a reduced menu and orders must be in before 6.30pm


finish with a laugh.



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