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Saturday 3rd February 2018 1400 hrs start

Race updates are being posted on the facebook page here.

To all Racing and Cruising Yachties

The Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club, supported by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, would like to welcome you to the 2018 version of  New Zealand's oldest coastal yacht race, the Auckland to Tauranga. The start date for the 2018 Auckland to Tauranga race  has been moved from Easter to Waitangi Weekend. The Start will  be Saturday 3rd February 2018 at 1400 hoursl.  The Facebook page here.
Darrel McManus
Race Committee

2018 Notice of Race  HERE

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2016 Auck Tga Race


Auckland to Tauranga Yacht Race Summary.

Wednesday 23 March, briefing at the RNZYS 1930 hours, the room was buzzing with race entrants, with only one thought on their minds, were we going to race? The wind was howling outside and the waters of the Waitemata whipped into a frenzy.

The race committee of Colin Lucas, Nigel Rippey agreed to a review of the start at 0800 on start day.

The speakers, Andy Anderson RNZYS Commodore, Chris Hartley Coast Guard, Nick Olsen from Predict Wind and myself had one common theme, which was safety on the water. Nick gave an excellent overview of the forthcoming weather predicts, being confident of the wind abating, but when?

The fleet of 26 yachts had reduced to 21, the 5 withdrawals all citing valid reasons for doing so.

Thursday 24 March 0730, a superb breakfast from our kind hosts at RNZYS, while crews were eating, Colin and I were pouring over potential wind scenarios, we looked up the harbour to confirm the winds as shown on his I pad and watched the wind literally drop completely.

The race was on, there is no faster to clear the breakfast hall than to say “ the race is on! no change in start time” the entire room cleared in about 3 minutes.

Under the control of Colin Lucas, the race was on time at 1000hrs. Team Vodafone away first followed by the remaining 20 yachts a beautiful sight to behold.

After completing the paper work in Auckland and fare welling our fabulous hosts at RNZYS, time to negotiate the southern motorway.

Predict wind was on the racing yachts and made excellent viewing on the big screen upon arrival at the TYPBC. However the now next to windless race ground took it’s toll on many of the starting 21 boats. The now absolute lack of wind and the swell left over from the earlier strong winds had taken it’s toll.

Watching the Predict wind tracker showed about 6 boats close to each other at Channel Island, apparently many could see each other at that time.

Meanwhile Team Vodafone, was cruising at times 20knots and higher!

The TYPBC was humming away with Bill and his crew in the watch tower and the data team updating the Face book which was linked into the dedicated race website.

Before we knew it, Team Vodafone was ashore. Looking splendid in their team racing gear. Cold and hungry none the less. We refuelled them with rum and coke and of course the lovely pies supplied by Pats pantry / Gourmet foods. Steinlager had finally arrived using their iron sail.

After a well earned sleep and was treated to a tremendous sight, I could see three tall sticks in the air from the motorway, as I got to the TYPBC, I saw Vodafone and Steinlager anchored in the channel outside the yacht club. Team Vodafone found an opportunity to sail home, at one stage on the tracker, I read 37.5 knots, so don’t know if that was a true speed or not.

More boats felt the need for power assistance as there was next to no wind. Three club boats managed to complete the course, Time warp, Andy Knowles. General Jackson, Peter Dallimore and Open Country Adrian McHardy. (Please note, I don’t have their arrival times, so the order may be incorrect).

Saturday nights intended prize giving was re-scheduled to Saturday 1000hrs. To allow the fleet to arrive. I was honour to be in the company of the Steinlager Crew. I learned lots about the sailing trust and it’s purpose within the sailing community. I was in awe of their camaraderie , team and community spirit.

The prize giving was a happy occasion, we made a few modifications to the format, to which there was no complaint from those present and only applause from this event.

Line Honours: Team Vodafone, Simon Hull
Division A: PHRF 1st Time Warp, Andy Knowles
Division B: PHRF 1st General Jackson, Peter Dallimore
Division B: PHRF 2nd Open Country, Adrian McHardy
PHRF Overall Winner: General Jackson, Peter Dallimore
Division C: Team Vodafone, Simon Hull

Full results here.

A huge thank you to everybody, too many to name individually. Competitors, TYPBC office, TYPBC Race Staff, Tower and Communications Staff also Committee Boat and berthing staff. Hospitality / food and beverages, Coast Guard Northern & BOP, shuttle drivers and most importantly our sponsors. And a special mention to my two assistants.

Thank you to those that committed their weekend with their dedication and support for A2T2016.

Kind regards
Graham Vincent
Race Co-ordinator

Photos here.

Event website here.

Facebook page here.

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