Roger Rushton Life Membership

It is pleasure to be here tonight and to nominate Roger Rushton for Life Membership.
Roger hails from a farming area of the Waikato where he grew up on and eventually owned his family farm in Tatuanui.
His love of the sea began at an early age in the mid 1950's when it was a treat to go to the seaside from the farm. He would travel with his family on the Rarangi to Mayor Island for summer holidays. Roger and his brother would row folk out to their boats for a princely sum of sixpence which his parents later told the boys off for accepting. It was also the begining of his realisation that while he loved the sea it did not love him and when he bit into a cream bun only to discover a seasick tablet his mother had hidden in it, cream buns lost some of their allure.
After his parents won a ballot for a seaside section at Waihi beach summer holidays continued in an old army hut erected on the site. Roger also discovered a prowess for fishing, one day dragging in a fish almost as big as he was and refusing to let anyone take it off him until he'd shown it to mum.
As Roger grew into teenage years and young adulthood the sea took a backward step in favour of rugby which he played well into his 30's, though he still enjoyed the odd sailing holiday with his brother 's family and his own young family.
By the mid 1990's Roger had arrived in Tauranga and renewed his love of sailing on a more permanent basis. He joined the TYPBC and began sailing on a Challenge 29 Keeler called Jetstream which he went on to own a half share in and then by 1999 owned outright.
It was about this time that John Buck asked Roger if he would like to be a Flag Officer. Roger asked Angela who said "all right dear" little knowing how much of a commitment it was to be become and Roger served as Rear Commodore to 2001, Vice Commodore in 2002 and then Commodore 2003 to 2006. During his period as Commodore the club ran a number of successful Regattas including the 2006 Pacific Rim and also saw the emergence of world class sailors such as Peter Burling. Roger left the club in good heart and with a good chuckle when in his final address as Commodore in 2006 he uttered his famous statement about the "dick extension" when speaking to the planned clubhouse alterations.
Roger just wanted to sail fast and in 2001 the somewhat sedate Jetstream was sold in favour of a nifty little 25 foot Dibley yacht called Carbon. What a time he had with that and other club members learned to get out of the way fast as it was often uncertain as to how much in control Carbon actually was.
Roger had began to eye up the offshore races like the Coastal Classic and Auckland Tauranga and after racing Carbon in a couple of these decided that the lack of waterline length was a disadvantage so it was time to trade up and Frenzy a 35ft Gary Lambert design was the boat of choice. After a somewhat difficult start owing to the ever present sea sickness where he ruefully exclaimed that his "crew seemed to have more fun than he had " the situation was sweetened by a win in the Coastal Classic in 2006. Roger was to win a number of second and third places in this race and wins/places in other offshore events.
Sailing also featured heavily in holidays taken with Angela in the 2000's. Seven out of ten years on yachts either chartered or owned by other club members and covered much of the South Pacific.
Roger always had the best interests of the club at heart and always insisted that anyone who crewed on the boat was a paid up club member,, even going as far as to subsidise those who had financial hardship. He also encouraged crew to come up to the club after racing. He ensured there was always a spot on Frenzy for a youngster from the centreboard division and over the years Dylan Mckinley, Ollie Maidment, Hezekiah Gould have all enjoyed sailing on Frenzy.
Though Frenzy has now been sold Roger has still continued to sail on her in harbour events and plans to remain active in the TYPBC. He is still active with the Keeler Committee and is heavily involved with the planning of an Auckland Tauranga Race next year. You will also find him down here on a Monday Morning helping out with the other “Old Boys”.
With Roger you only have to ask, and he will be there to support the Club. During his time at the Club it would be fair to say that he has seen it all, and any advice he had to offer is always worth listening to.
Roger, you have contributed so much, and you continue to do so. I speak for the whole Yacht Club when I say we are very grateful for all the time you give to the Club, and we can consider ourselves very fortunate to have members such as yourself.
And therefore I would ask that members here present support me in my nomination of Roger Rushton as a Life Member of this Club.

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