Contact details of personal responsible for this division:

Name: Phil West
Position: Multihull Chairperson
Email Address:
Contact phone number: 027 277 1230

Typbc multihull division

The TYPBC multi-hull division likes to go fast, real fast. A burgeoning fleet of Tornado catamarans and a variety of other beach cats make up the main racing division, as well as some larger cat’s that make an appearance in some of the longer races. We are always looking to increase the numbers in our division.


We regularly compete in the summer Wednesday night series, as well as the Friday night series. Sunday sailing with the centreboard classes are also available to the beach cat fleet. There is a harbour series of six longer events throughout the season, this series also includes the Matakana Raid which is our premier event which is a family orientated race around Matakana Island (weather permitting of course). 

The Winter Series is also a great chance to keep your skills sharp. So there is plenty of opportunities to go racing throughout the year and beach cat racing is one of the most affordable ways to get to skipper your own boat.

If you own a multi-hull and have been thinking about racing her, please get in touch with one of the officers below or the yacht club, come down and meet the team and see what we do.


Multihull officers for the 2017/18 season

Chairman: Phil West : : 027 277 1230