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PacRim 2016


Russia, August 2016

PacRim - final results. We had a really good day yesterday in very light wind with a 3rd, 1st and 2nd placing which gave us an overall 2nd place behind the Russian team. After getting boxed in at the start of race 1, putting us back in 5th, Paul then picked the wind perfectly and pulled us up to 3rd. 2nd race we got a great start and led the whole way. Last race we were neck and neck with the Russian team all the way with neither of us having the advantage of the faster boat which resulted with us getting 2nd place in this race. Great racing. It has been very hot with some crew swimming between races.

Fiona Harrison.

Day 2

Second day of racing went well. We got a 1st, 3rd and two 4ths. We were over the line a couple of times at the start so guess that shows we are trying hard. We recovered well though and are pleased with our results. Overall it is still the Russians leading, NZ 2nd, USA 3rd, Australia 4th and Japan 5th. It was a very hot day with us all getting very sun burnt. Looks like same again today.

Day 1

Great first days racing in fog and 10 knots breeze.
We got good starts but had a few issues with cleats coming off. Here are the results.

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