Information on Centreboard Division, sailing, safety, members and fleets can be found here.

Welcome to the TYPBC Centreboard Division

TYPBC sailing school continues to provide Learn to Sail and Learn to Race programmes as well as advanced racing courses and regatta support.  With support and encouragement our young sailors then attend club racing on a Sunday. This is where the real learning happens and turns our new recruits into confident, capable and potentially competitive sailors.

The season is opening with the Anchor AIMS Games and TYPBC are hosting 99 sailors from all over New Zealand to compete for their schools and AIMS gold.  TYPBC wishes to thank NZ Windows for their sponsorship of the sailing for AIMS and encourages us all to support them.

There are pathways for the sailors to follow.  There is club racing where you can learn to hone your skills and build lifetime friendships.  For the more competitive there is the regatta circuit - this is a way to visit other clubs, take part in their regattas and measure yourself up against the competition.  Learn from the experts you meet along the way and watch the kids forming friendships that expand the country. Last, but not least, our social sailors who enjoy exploring our beautiful harbour.

The best way to get to know the members of the sailing club is to come along and be involved.  Our motivated group of parents and sailing members will be happy to help you be involved and show you the ropes.  They also have an endless supply of friendly advice when it all seems too hard. There is also a committee meeting every month which you are welcome to join to have your say.

We are all volunteers at the centre board division and enjoy the time-out from home tasks - getting some fresh air, learning from our children, and becoming a fundamental part of their sport.

We look forward to seeing you at the club.


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Information on Centreboard Division, sailing, safety, members and fleets can be found here.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays sailors and boarders are out after school enjoying the harbour. Coaching is offered at the Learn to Race level on these days too. We also have various schools training at the club for teams sailing using the BoPSAT 420s working towards competing at the Regional and Nationals regattas.


If you are new to sailing we have a great Learn to Sail programme run from the yacht club. Find out more from our Sailing School

We invite sailors with or without sailing experience to join us and enjoy sailing in the bay.

For more information, follow the link on the top line above to the Centreboard Division 'Booklet' and contacts for each area