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TYPBC Olympic Sailors Honoured in Auckland


One Club, four Olympians, three medals. How good is that?

Around 200 people gathered at the Maritime Museum yesterday morning to welcome home the Olympic Sailing Team. P J Montgomery started proceedings as the team descended the stairs, and introduced each member to the great unwashed standing beneath NZL32, as they arrived on the stage. P J still refers to Alex Maloney as “the little dot”, Alex still cringes inwardly.

Head coach Jez Fanstone paid tribute to the all the hard work and effort put in by the team. Jason Saunders responded by acknowledging all the hard work and effort put in by the coaching staff. The individual coaches were called up to the stage, and PJ began asking some direct questions. He asked Peter and Blair what their strategy was, going into the contest.

“Keep it clean; keep it simple”, was Pete’s response. Now there’s a mantra if I ever heard one. Jo Aleh gave a diplomatic response to the question about their first disqualification. Her coach, Nathan Handley, gave a more blunt and honest response.

At the conclusion of the formalities, disorder took over with media microphones and cameras jostling for interviews, wide eyed, overwhelmed kids pushed pens and sailing paraphernalia into the Olympians laps. The adults showed more restraint, most happy to just catch up with others. Particularly noticeable, was the time individual team members spent with the children, engaging them with questions and conversation, as they signed autographs for them.

Extracting all four of the TYPBC Olympians from this mayhem for a photo, was a significant achievement, even if I do say so myself. Mission accomplished.

Viva o TYPBC.

Gun Caundle

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