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Farr MRX Youth Regatta

Farr MRX Youth Regatta 2016

20-21 Aug 2016

Last weekend a group of 6 sailors from TYPBC attended the MRX Youth Pathway Regatta in Auckland. The Regatta took place from the Yacht Squadron with racing under the Harbour bridge. I took on the position of Skipper and had a wonderful time as it allowed me to experience helming these boats with a new team. I was able to put into practice all that I have been taught by the crews on Not Negotiable and No Regrets over the years. Joining me on board were Elly Warren , Niamh Dillon, Harry Bailey and Luke Gulliver along with Greg Farmer as our Adult Supervisor. The boats were provided by the MRX Association and they also gave everyone an experienced MRX sailors on board. TYPBC were allocated 'North Sails'.

The racing was extremely competitive with top sailors representing their clubs from all over Auckland, with one entrant from BOIYC. This was the first time Tauranga had attended this regatta and a great event to showcase our TYPBC youth Keeler sailors. We did incredibly well for a newly established team. We positioned 4th overall (with only one point away from 3rd and a long lead over the previous years winning team in 5th place). Our best race was finishing race two in 1st position which gave us all the confidence to know that we were a competitive team. I would definitely like to experience this again with a goal of finishing 2nd (as I subsequently found out that the winning Club has to organise the event and provide a race committee the following year, in Auckland!).

I would like to thank Gun Caundle for allowing us to take out Rascal Tom for practices prior to the event and to Greg Farmer for supporting our team.

Tom Maidment

Photos from the event here.

Well done to the TYPBC team (Elly Warren, Tom Maidment, Niamh Dillion, Harry Bailey and Luke Gulliver) on finishing 4th.

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