An excellent way to explore the harbour and go fast on the water, windsurfing provides fun whether racing or just screaming along at speed.


Summer is just around the corner so a Learn to windsurf course and an Adventure Group will start again at TYPBC!
LTW 1: Holiday programme, in second week of this holiday, 3 days of 3hr sessions (9hrs total) costing $195 (dates tbc).
LTW 2: Once a week (likely to be on Saturdays) for the duration of the term (6 weeks) at about $300, if own gear $250.
Adventure group: once a week for 8 weeks (likely to be on Saturdays) for the duration of the term at about $300, if own gear $250.
If your child wants to sign up for one of them or if you know anybody who might be keen or you have any further questions, please contact the Yacht Club or Pauline ten Have

With our windsurfing courses you will get:

  • 12 hours windsurfing with a certified instructor
  • Basic skills to control and handle your board and rig in moderate breezes
  • Skills for a lifetime sport, either racing against other windsurfers, doing loops or blasting at speed
  • Lots of fun in a great social environment 


Kids StarT Windsurfing

Our Learn to Windsurf is aimed at children and teens aged 10–18 years old who are new to windsurfing or have very little experience on the water. Participants will learn to steer their windsurfer, control their speed and build their confidence on the water.
Whether looking to race in a club, blast about in a gale, or show off with some tricks, it all comes down to mastering the basics.

Our programme is run on easy to use Fanatic “Viper” boards, with a range of sails to suit sizes and abilities. These boards are large and easy to sail, allowing participants to focus more on sail handling and less on balancing. All gear provided by BoPSAT.

Courses are running throughout 2017
Dates: TBA (4 sessions) 
Price: $150 per child 


To book a course please fill out the registration form below, scan and send it to: MENP@IHUG.CO.NZ
Or post to: PO Box 14352, Tauranga, New Zealand 3143
Or call us: 07 578 1615

Bookings are essential and spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!

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