Crew Available/Wanted

If you are looking for a boat to sail on, experienced or not, please feel free to call, email, join our TYPBC Crew Finder Facebook group, or let someone at the club know - the Keeler Committee will then post your details both on here and on our Facebook group which will be shared amongst our skippers.

As a skipper you are invited to join the Facebook group, contact available crew as you need them, and advertise crew positions.

Phone Lynne on 07 578 5512

Email Reina at

For any other Keeler queries please email James Stewart (Keeler Chairman) at


Crew Available

Name Contact Details Other Information
Ian Milne           Phone: 07 570 1885 Previous sailing experience. Would like to join crew for 17/18 Summer Series.


Phone: 027 312 0661 Has done the Winter Series on Whistler and would like to join a boat for the Summer Series.
Andy Windle Phone: 021 101 2259 Has some previous crewing experience and is looking for more opportunities. Interested in Wednesday night and weekend/offshore races.
Scott Hutchinson

Phone: 027 519 3350                          Email:

Marine engineer with previous keelboat racing experience. Keen to do some more crewing.





Crew Wanted

Boat/Skipper Contact Details Other Information